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The Camera Strap Buddy

Product: Camera Strap Buddy, Sling Camera Strap Adapter

Camera Strap Attachment Point

What it is: Attachment point for a camera strap that converts your existing camera strap into a sling type camera strap!

What it does: By attaching one side of a camera strap to the bottom of the camera the orientation rotates and the camera will now point downwards. This orientation lays the camera flat against the photographer´┐Żs side in a comfortable position. This position keeps the camera close and dramatically reduces bouncing or swinging of the camera. This in turn minimizes potential accidents from the camera banging or swinging in to something. The Camera Strap Buddy offers a simple method to improve comfort and control while carrying your camera.

Why its cool: SLR cameras are Heavy, Bulky and uncomfortable to carry! The Camera Strap Buddy makes carrying your camera dramatically more comfortable and secure. For a small investment of MSRP $16.95 you can dramatically improve the comfort of carrying a larger camera. Your existing camera strap can be used with the product saving you time and money! The Camera Strap Buddy provides the most comfortable and secure method to carry your camera!

MSRP $16.95
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SLR Cameras are heavy, expensive and generally uncomfortable to carry.

The Camera Strap Buddy makes carrying your camera more comfortable and accessible!

Camera accessory for Traveling - camera strap sling


I got the Strap Buddy and it works beautifully. As advertised, it was easy to install and my camera, a Nikon D90, now hangs straight down with the lens safely at my side.  No more worrying about damaging the lens and the camera is more comfortable to carry.

Thank you,
(Happy Customer)

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